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German as a foreign language
Our professional German language courses can help you unlock your potential.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, you need German for your job or your studies, or you simply want to communicate better on your next holiday: with us you will learn German particularly quickly and effectively.


You acquire all the language skills you need, learn specialized vocabulary & practice a lot of useful expressions.
Anywhere & Anytime
You can connect with native speaking tutors and learn online from any device, anywhere you are and at times to suit your lifestyle.
Tailored Learning
You are provided with a bespoke curriculum taking your interests, learning style and study goals into account, to make sure it delivers what you need.


Focus On Technical Vocabulary
Our lessons, as well as our special tests, focus on the practical language use in your field of interest. We integrate technical vocabulary in everyday situations and practice its correct usage in conversation.
Qualified, Native Teachers
All our teachers have at least eight years of experience training foreigners so are adept at understanding your needs and can help you learn the way you want to.
Structured Curriculum
Our courses, which are structured according to CEFR and accepted by visa agencies globally, are given in small groups or private classes online and specifically aimed at passing B2 General Language Test, DSH, DAF, TELC and C1 Medical Language Exam.


Highquality Consulting
We advise you on how to improve your German language skills.
Online Placement Test
You take our short placement test that provides quick and accurate assessment of your language proficiency.
Language Course
We find the course that best suits your language level.
Final Exam
You take your exam and receive a certificate based on GER after successful completion.


You can either download zoom app or click on a participation link to join a zoom meeting.
We recommend you to buy a good headset because voice quality is very important for learning languages online.
Internet Speed
* the recommended speed for video calls / screen sharing.
Google Account
Google Account provides many useful tools and is especially required for our online lessons.
Our long-term goal is to provide you with a successful learning experience and help you to communicate in German with ease day after day.
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Intensive course - 15 hours per week
*Registration deadline: 2 weeks before the course starts
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*Registration deadline: 2 weeks before the course starts
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*Registration deadline: 2 weeks before the course starts
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Your Learning Journey
We're here to guide you every step of the way as you learn. There are several stages you need to accomplish.
Stage One: B2 General Language Test
Before you start the course you will be tested to check your current level of fluency and comprehension. The first step is a 20 units a week course which gives you the key language knowledge to complete the B2 level. It lasts around nine months.
From the first day you'll be learning German medical vocabulary and practicing medical terminology in realistic day-to-day medical situations. You will boost your skills in both written and spoken German.
The second step is a course lasting 10 units/week over four weeks to prepare you for the B2 exam at the end of the course, which you must gain for your licence in order to work as a doctor in Germany. You can take this course on tandem with the general German course.
Stage Two: C1 Medical Language Exam
You must have successfully gained your B2 General Language Test to move on to the C1 Medical Language Exam. This course teaches you the specialist German knowledge used every day in hospitals across Germany.
The first step is an eight-week course of 30 units/week that covers special medical terminology and deals with topics that are relevant for the medical terminology examination. The courses are conducted by teachers specially trained for instruction in medical areas and who have many years of teaching experience.
The course includes

the health care system in Germany
hospital organisation
technical vocabulary (medicine, pharmacy and dentistry)
medical history and physical examination
presentation of patients and cases
human anatomy
medical case history
patient examinations and consultations
documentation procedures
writing reports and documentation
working in hospital wards
training for the three exam parts: doctor-to-doctor conversation, doctor-to-patient conversation, written documentation
conducting medical conversations
difficult grammatical topics in preparation for the medical terminology examination
In the Academic Healthcare Professions module you will learn both general and subject-critical language in the context of your medical discipline at level C1. You'll take part in training scenarios that use typical language from everyday working situations. The module is tailored to your learning needs to prepare you for the exam and communicating effectively with patients and colleagues in the workplace.
Preparation for professional language examination includes
Expanding vocabulary: the body and diseases, descriptive words for physical sensations and pain, treatment types
Conversation in the course of medical
Discussion in the course of medical history
Managing documentation and files in your workplace including reports, medical records and certificates
Taking case histories from patients, diseases, discussing the pros and cons of treatment plans and alternative treatments
Hospital organizations, structures and roles
Co-operating with colleagues and the wider medical community - patient presentations, instructions and directives
The structures of grammar at B2-C1 level, plus related lexic and idomatic
This course is also designed to prepare you for the "Prüfung telc Deutsch Medizin B2-C1" as well as the "Fachsprachenprüfung für Ärztinnen und Ärzte" as prerequisite for the Approbation.
Pricing And Packages
Pricing And Packages
All packages are prepaid, and you can dip in and out of learning depending on your workload by pausing or adjusting your weekly hours flexibly. You don't need to worry, you can take your lessons up to one year from the date of purchase.
Learning And Support For You
Choose your German language course and we'll do the rest. We aim to deepen your understanding and knowledge of German. We are also on hand to help you in other areas, such as administration, accommodation and getting started in a new country. We can help you get to know your new city, too. Take advantage the job-related language support for people with an immigration background and increase your chances on the job and training market.

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