Often non-EU citizens try to make things easier for themselves and get a job in Germany illegally. What nurses should know about working as illegal caregivers in households in Germany and why it is still worthwhile to prove your nursing qualification and work officially as a nurse in Germany.

Working illegally as a caregiver vs. officially as a nurse in Germany

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There is a widespread belief among jobseekers in Germany from countries outside the EU that finding a job legally

a) impossible

b) very difficult

c) very expensive

A job that is not legal is another matter. You get in touch with a person from a WhatsApp or Viber chat room, you give him your money and he takes you to an unknown destination across the border and all the responsibility in the adventure lies only with you. Along the way, you violate the laws of several countries.

In this article, we will briefly but concisely discuss the pros and cons of working as a nurse in Germany and why it pays to have your nursing qualification confirmed and to work in Germany officially.

Illegal work in Germany as a caregiver: pros and cons

It is worth understanding that illegal work is not legal. In other words, by agreeing to this scenario you are in fact depriving yourself of your labour rights. All agreements between you and your employer are verbal and therefore not valid. In such a situation, you can only rely on your luck, other people's clear conscience and your personal fate.

Why working illegally may sound so attractive: "my friend, my neighbour and her son-in-law are working this way and everything is fine"

The most popular argument in support of working illegally as a caregiver in Germany is someone else's subjectively positive experience. You may hear testimonies about how there is no need to learn German language, take additional exams or wait for official documents to get a job illegally in Germany.
After paying to an intermediary for transportation and contacting a future employer, you have a chance to get a job with a salary of 700 -1200 euros, which is considerably higher than the salary of nurses in your home country.

It sounds tempting, but you should bear in mind that Germany's attitude to illegal workers is strict and unequivocal - the authorities actively fight this phenomenon.

The disadvantages of working illegally in Germany

It is illegal. Again, the main disadvantage from which all the others flow is that illegal work is illegal in Germany. Germans are law-abiding and often turn in illegal workers themselves to the police. The police also carry out regular raids to detect illegal migrants. "Illegals" face deportation from the country. The minimum period of deportation is five years and includes a ban on entry not only to Germany but also to the whole of the EU.

Problems may start at the border. Non-EU nationals travelling to Germany are carefully checked on arrival at the airport. They may check your luggage, ask questions about the purpose of your trip, check your documents, require proof of hotel reservation, sufficient funds in your accounts for your stay and a ticket with a return flight date. If they are not satisfied with any of the above, you are sent back home. If you are suspected of entering Germany illegally for the purpose of employment, you will be placed in a detention centre and deported.
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  1. Illegal work often means harsh working conditions and low pay compared to legal work. Illegal work will not allow you to save money, because such a wage in Germany will only be enough to pay for food and lodging.
  2. Illegal work means a limited amount of freedom. You will probably be asked to live with elderly people whom you will take care of. You will have to look after them around the clock because there are no shifts like in a clinic. The worker has a few free hours a day and at best one day off.
  3. It is very difficult, often impossible, to learn German while working illegally. For those who think that German is of no use in Germany, there is some disappointing news. Without knowledge of the language, there is no possibility of career advancement and of claiming acceptance by society as an equal.
  4. There is no possibility of building a future in Germany. Illegal workers have no options to stay in Germany for permanent residence. Working illegally you lose time that could have been used for your future citizenship.
  5. Illegal workers have nowhere and no one to complain about the infringement of their rights, as there is no employment contract, no insurance, including health insurance. This means that working illegally, a person cannot claim protection in case of non-payment of wages, sickness or breach of health and safety regulations.

Why it is better to choose legal employment as a nurse in Germany

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The legal way to get a job in Germany takes more time and effort, but has many more advantages.

What do you need to work legally as a nurse in Germany?

In order to be legally employed in Germany, non-EU citizens have get their nursing diploma recognized, B1-B2 German language proficiency and visa.

It requires some effort, but it definitely pays off and is suitable for those who want to tie their future life to one of the most developed countries in Europe.

What are the advantages of working legally as a nurse in Germany?

  • You are in the country legally, you have rights and you do not have to flinch every time you see a policeman on the street
  • A high salary on a par with your German counterparts - 2,500 to 3,000 euros per month. As a legal worker, you can also expect bonuses, premiums and overtime pay
  • Normal working hours, guaranteed weekends, including public holidays. You will also be entitled to holidays and holiday pay.
  • The opportunity to change your workplace. If the conditions at a particular hospital are not suitable, you can always change jobs. There are plenty of opportunities to find a good job on good conditions, as German hospitals do not have enough medical staff.
  • Your employer will pay for your health insurance.
  • A legal worker is entitled to move his family to Germany officially. And children up to a certain age will receive benefits from the state (so-called Kindergeld).
  • A person who works legally can apply for a residence permit and citizenship in Germany.
    Working legally means making a contribution to your future and receiving a decent pension.
  • It pays off quickly. The money you spend on preparing documents, finding a job and learning the language will be repaid within 1-2 working months in Germany.
If you still have questions about legal employment as a nurse in Germany, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

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January, 28 / 2022
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