We have prepared the best possible employment strategy for foreign nurses that will help you to save time and money, and leverage your professional network and get hired.

Employment program for foreign nursing professionals
in Germany.

The most important criteria for applying for a nursing license in Germany are a nursing diploma and knowledge of the German language. Work experience is also welcomed.
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Employment strategy by 2Workin.de

Learning German
German language courses online - from scratch: A1 to B2. *B2 is the level of German according to the European GER system required to obtain a nurse's licence in Germany.
Preparing the documents
While you are studying German up to B2 level, we already start preparing and submitting your documents. You will receive a list and according to the list, you will collect all your documents and send them to us. We will in turn apply for your approval. Waiting for an answer takes about 3 months.
Job Interview via Skype
When you reach Level B2 of German language proficiency, we arrange an interview for you with a potential employer via Skype. This interview is primarily used to test your soft skills and your knowledge of German.
Signing the employment contract
After passing the exam, you sign a contract with the clinic with a salary of 3,000€ per month. This is just the initial rate, with time you have the possibility of increasing your salary.
Professional retraining
If you are a good fit for the clinic and the clinic is a good fit for you (according to your employer's individual decision):
a) work as a nursing assistant with a salary of 2,000€
b) you receive additional training in your profession in the special educational establishment for nurses (Pflegeschule)


Professional retraining
for nurses from abroad

a) Work as a nursing assistant
After arriving to Germany your start to work as a nursing assistant with a salary of €2,000. The central recognition agency for foreign education, Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen (ZAB), defines the exact duration of the internship.

You will then take a competence examination (Kenntnisprüfung) and receive your nursing license in Germany.
b) professional training in Pflegeschule
The vocational training at the *Pflegeschule consists of 2 months of theory and 1 month of practice. The theory, as well as the German language training, is done online. After theoretical training, you will come to Germany for practical training in a clinic and pass an exam.

*Pflegeschule is a special education school for nurses.
In this way, you can learn German from scratch in just one year, have your nursing diploma recognised and start working in Germany.
Do you want to get diploma recognition and legal employment in a German clinic?

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August, 19 / 2021
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